We are excited to be bring back a World Series of Home Games events for the Stormer Community! WSOHG will be month long competitions of touring select Stormer home games for team scores as well stacking up as top player!

If you want in the action, see if your favorite Stormer is a Team Captain?  Each Captain will have 9 players plus themself for a full team.  Slots are always opening up for following months, so let your streamer know you are interested.

Your favorite Stormer is not a Captain?  Ask them to sign up and help build them a team!!

What are the prizes, you ask?

WSOHG Circuit will run from the first to last day each month.  Leaderboard will be updated daily with submitted game results.

–  Team Captain of winning team will receive $33.00 in ticket value to give out to their community 

–  Each Team Player of the winning team will receive 2x $6.60 tickets

–  Top Player of the WSOHG Circuit will receive 2x $22

–  Top MVP (Most Visible Player) will receive 2x $11

WSOHG Circuit FT Event

Big Quarterly event for the top 3 players each month (total of 9 players) to battle it out for the ultimate title.  Physical trophy* and a $200 Micro/Low ticket bundle from ACR Poker to the Ultimate Winner.




Click the monthly banner to view the captain/team roster, game line up, and current scores


No.  The only games that count for this competition are the team captain home games.

No, you will not be disqualified.  Obviously, the more games you play in, the more points you will get for your team as well as your own score!  But it isn’t expected that you could play all the games.

Each month, stormers are able to sign up for the following month.  It is each Captain’s choice to keep the same team or cycle out.

We will have 3 players from each month compete in the final game.

Ideally, top 3 players from each month’s Circuit games.  However, if a duplicate player is in top 3 of the next month(s), then we will drop down one slot for the next player.  This will allow for 9 individual players to fight for the title and prizes.

Each month, Captains will volunteer to join, remain, or take a leave.  Captains are locked in for the upcoming month 7 days prior to the current month end.  Team Roster is locked in on the last day of each month prior to the start of the next.

Once rosters are locked and the month begins, players cannot not be exchanged or replaced.  

*NOTE: All physical prizes are subject to shipping availability.