World Series of Home Games 2.0

WSOHG Stormers has returned!


Purpose behind this event is to help drive traffic to your stream and home games as well as creating a community fun competition!


2023 brings a new circuit to our home games.  This will be a monthly leader board series putting a spotlight on you and your community of players.

Stormer Captains will build teams of 10 players (including themself) to play in the circuit of home games.  You and your team need to play as many games as you can in the circuit to climb your team to the top!  But don’t be too cautious in helping your team, after all, you want to be top player!

The ACR Stormer will be the Team Captain and responsible for building thier team players.  Choose your teams wisely.  You will want grinders as the more they play, the more points are earned.  Add your players to the team roster list in Google Sheets.  This must be done prior to your first game each month.  Players may only be on ONE team.  

In addition, you will be responsible for submitting your home game lobby results for team scoring.  

Submitting game results: DM to Violet on Discord the Tournament data and a screen shot of your lobby.  To send the data…click on any player in the small popout game lobby then click CTRL+SHIFT+C and head to the Discord DM and CTRL+V – that simple.

WSOHG Circuit will run from the first to last day each month.

Leaderboard will be updated daily with submitted game results.

Team Captain of winning team will receive $33.00 in tickets to give out to their community (fits most home game entries at 10x 3.30)

Team Players of the winning team will receive 2x $6.60 tickets

Top Player of the WSOHG Circuit will receive 2x $22

Top MVP (Most Visible Player) will receive 2x $11

WSOHG Circuit FT Event – Big Quarterly event for the top 3 players each month (total of 9 players) to battle it out for the ultimate title.  Physical trophy and a $200 Micro/Low ticket bundle to the Winner.


If you would like to be a team captain, please sign up by September 21st. This way, I can update the Captain roster and players can see the full line up. Once you have signed up, I will add you to the team roster and you may begin building your team!

You must have your teams formed by September 29th for this to begin October 1.  Teams are locked in at this time.  No changes until the following month opens.

After you register, you will be added as Captain to the team sheet.  Please add your team players to the right of your name to this Google Sheet. Be sure you have the spelling correct and no spaces at the end. The name on this sheet must be the Table name that the player will use all month. While they can play from any skin, they must use the same name /account for this league. They must also have and ACR account to claim any prizes.