What is Stormers WSOHG?

The World Series of Home Games (WSOHG) is a collection
of participating ACRSTORMERS streamers. (AKA “Team Captains”)

Each team captain selects nine other players to represent their home game in a No Limit Hold-em Freeze-out MTT that is played on the 2nd day of each month at 7 PM EST.

The entry fee is paid by the team captains and there are also special bounties on different players in the tournament.

The winning player for the tournament has his/her name engraved on the
WSOHG trophy with the “bragging rights” going to that home game team captain.

Want to know which Stormers are participating in WSOHG? Head over to the team wall and sort by WSOHG filter to see if your favorite Stormer is on this team!