ACR Stormers Heads Up Challenge

You have heard some buzz about this and now it is finally here!  2020 brings you new and exciting changes with ACR Stormers and we want you to be a part of the fun!  

Our fist event is a Heads Up Challenge between all the Stormers January – March 2020.  We picked our choices from first to last in our opinions for the initial bracket seeds.

When are the games?

Streamers will be responsible for scheduling their own matches.  A streamer who is unable to schedule a match within the specific time frames will have to forfeit their match.  If neither streamer can schedule in the specific time frame the highest original seeded streamer will advance.

Type of Stream?

Ideally both streamers in each match will stream cards unprotected and on the same time delay.  This will give the best viewer experience.

Round 1
Jan 3-14

Round 2
Jan 17-28

Round 3
Jan 31-Feb 11

Round 4
Feb 14-25

Round 5
Feb 28-Mar 7


We have created a way for you to pick your winners and climb a leaderboard for prizes!  All you need is a Twitch Account to sign in to our site and a valid ACR account and a valid email account (for possible prizes) to participate.  You will get access to make your picks, see others choices, show-down results, rankings and more!

$100 CASH for TOP FIVE!!!

Place Predictions Now

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