Free Money Friday #FMF

Kick-off your Poker Weekend with Gripsed’s Free Money Friday at ACR!

Join us every Friday at 5pm ET / 3pm PT for the best Freeroll of the week and turn $0 into over $200 with our Weekly Friday Freebuy! Streamed live at from 4pm to 10pm ET, with no delay so you can chat with Evan Jarvis while you play America’s Cardroom!

Register early to take a shot at free money, or you can take your time and register up to 2 hours late.

Tight on time, but you want max value? Then join us at the end of late registration (7pm ET / 4pm PT) and pay your $3 addon for 16k chips to spin up — plenty for the 1500 big blind level.

Usually, less than 100 players remain at the end of late registration, and we always pay 36 spots, making max late regging a fine strategy! And the top 6… get MEGA PAID (see below)!

If you’re in the game, but you run out of chips, don’t worry; for just $3, you’ll get another 5000 chips! You can also add-on for $3 after 2 hours and get 15k chips to carry you to the final table!

$250 Added Free Money Friday Details

  • Start Time: Every Friday at 5pm ET / 2pm PT
  • Buy-in: FREE (1000 chips)
  • Rebuys: $3 for 5k chips, $10 for 10k chips
  • Addons: $3 for 15k chips (after 2 hours)
  • Game Location > Tourney > Private > All > “Gripsed Free Money Friday” 
  • Password = gripsed
  • Top 36 spots paid (usually >$3 min cash)

$250 Added to the Prize Pool Payouts:

  • 1st: +$100
  • 2nd: +$60
  • 3rd: +$40
  • 4th: +$25
  • 5th: +$15
  • 6th: +$10

I will send the added payouts out to the top 6 finishers live on stream. So if you find yourself in those top spots, come by and celebrate with us at!

A Snapshot of Free Money Friday Homegame on ACR

Here’s what last week’s game looked like.

Note: the $555 prize pool does not include the recently added $250. Bringing the total prize pool to over $800 — and growing, weekly!

This event is also part of our ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire Venom LEAGUE’ → click here to find out more…