Chat Grind and Mystery Giveaway Event

On Saturday 3rd of April, MatrixCy will be hosting the monthly highly anticipated event: “The Chat Grind”.

MatrixCy will be grinding a whole session and all profits will be shared amongst the viewers that have been redeeming their points to get “Chat Grind” entries throughout the month. Their profit percentage is calculated in accordance to their points redeemed vs the total points. For example if someone has redeemed a total of 10,000 channel points (Matrix Coins), and the total amount redeemed is 100,000, then they will get 10% of the profits.

In addition to the chat grind, the newly introduced event “Mystery Giveaway” will be also hosted on the day. 

The “Mystery Giveaway” is not your regular giveaway! On the day, participants will have the opportunity to win surprise gifts from that no one knows what they are! They could be tangible or intangible, from sponsors and/or from the streamer! One thing is for sure: It’s going to be a hell of an event!

Who can participate: Channel Subscribers get an entry automatically. It doesn’t matter if they are a subscriber or were given the sub as a gift, they still get the entry. Additionally, throughout the current month, sub gifters get an entry for every sub they gift. Also, bit leaders will get an entry based on their bits final leaderboard position: 1st gets 5 entries, 2nd gets 4, 3rd gets 3, 4th gets 2 and 5th place gets 1 additional entry. Viewers can also gain additional entries by redeeming the “Mystery Giveaway entry” from the channel points reward system.

As for the viewers that are neither a sub nor bit leaders or even got no channel points, MatrixCy also has something lined up for them too!

One thing is certain: In MatrixCy’s Stream, CHANNEL POINTS MATTER!

Make sure you’re there on the 3rd of April at 11:00 am ET